Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wishes Ontarians a Happy Family Day

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement:

Queen’s Park – “On behalf of New Democrats I want to wish every Ontarian a happy Family Day. In the middle of a cold Ontario winter Family Day comes as a welcome occasion to gather with our loved ones and to share some quality time. Let’s be safe, stay warm and enjoy the day with our families.”

Horwath letter to Wynne: our nurses deserve fairness and respect

Today Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath sent the following letter to Premier Wynne: 

Dear Premier Wynne:

I am writing today to urge you to take immediate steps to bring the Ontario Nurses’ Association and nine Community Care Access Centres back to the negotiating table – and to ensure that registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals are treated with the respect and fairness they deserve.

Horwath and NDP caucus ready to fight for the middle class and struggling Ontarians

Queen’s Park – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the upcoming session of the Legislature has to focus on the issues that matter to middle class and struggling Ontarians. 

“The Liberals first budget has resulted in school closures, nurses on the picket line, more than half a million Ontarians still out of work and hundreds of thousands more underemployed, without any sense of security or optimism,” said Horwath.

“The Wynne Liberals have to stop its attack on the services families depend on and its war on public sector workers.  We will fight any budget that puts corporate tax breaks and huge giveaways to the wealthy ahead of public services for hard working families and creating jobs for small businesses,” she continued.

Another NDP priority will be to begin the hard work of restoring public confidence and trust in our political process and institutions.

Liberals forcing school closures with “bogus” numbers: NDP MPP Tabuns

TORONTO – NDP Education Critic Peter Tabuns demanded the Liberal government call off its unrealistic deadline for Toronto’s school closure plan, as a new report reveals the Liberals are using misleading information to justify their heavy-handed tactics. 

“It’s irresponsible for the Liberals to put Toronto’s public schools on the fast-track to closure, but it’s downright reckless to demand school closures based on bad math,” said Tabuns. “Parents and elected trustees cannot make crucial decisions about the future of our schools based on the Liberals’ shoddy numbers.”


Statement from NDP Education Critic Peter Tabuns on Liberal school closures in Toronto hurting the most vulnerable

“Today’s report from the Elementary Teachers of Toronto provides further proof that Liberal school closures will hurt the most vulnerable kids in Toronto. The Liberals’ careless decision to force school closures will hurt struggling neighbourhoods and lower-income families who cannot afford to lose their local school. The Liberals’ heavy-handed orders are jeopardizing the schools that at-risk kids rely on and forcing the TDSB to make hasty decisions with incomplete information. There is no way the Liberals’ arbitrary deadline can be met without doing serious damage to schools in Toronto. Worst of all, these are the kinds of reckless, Harris-style cuts that the Premier promised she wouldn’t support.”

NDP Leader proud of Sudbury campaign

Toronto:  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she is proud the campaign the NDP ran in Sudbury and will continue to work hard for the Northeast.

“We ran a great campaign based on honesty, integrity and hard work.  While we didn’t get the result we would have liked, New Democrats have good reason to be proud,” said Horwath.  “Suzanne Shawbonquit showed grit and determination and she impressed all of Sudbury with her intelligence, her heart, and her integrity.  Suzanne is role model for women and First Nations people across our province.  She’s a rare talent, a class act, and a friend.”

Liberals' failed health care privatization experiment puts patients at risk: NDP MPP Fife

WATERLOO— NDP MPP Catherine Fife said it’s completely unacceptable that patients at a private clinic in Kitchener were infected with hepatitis C and called on the Liberal government to put patients’ safety first.   

“These infections were preventable, yet under the Liberals, crucial procedures are being moved out of hospitals and into private clinics, without proper oversight. The result, for some patients, is devastating.” said Fife. "People turn to the healthcare system to help them get better, not make them more sick."

Horwath renews call for full EA of Hamilton gasification plant after report warns of inadequate review

HAMILTON — NDP Leader Andrea Horwath renewed her call for a full Environmental Assessment of the proposed gasification waste-to-energy plant for Pier 15, after a report by WSP Canada warned that the project “may not have been appropriately assessed.”

“All the assumptions, all the projections, all the precautions proposed for this unproven technology were based on one tiny pilot project in England. The Pier 15 waste plant will be orders of magnitude larger than anything that currently exists.” said Horwath. “This energy-from-waste plant will have a huge unknown environmental impact, but Hamilton’s environmental protections are being determined based on little more than a science fair project.”

Cuts to ODSP benefits set a new low for Liberal cynicism: NDP MPP Forster

WELLAND — By hiding a $100-per-month cut to ODSP benefits behind a flurry of anti-poverty rhetoric, the Liberals have set a new low for cynicism, said NDP Community and Social Services critic Cindy Forster today. Her remarks came after anti-poverty organizations like the Income Security Advocacy Centre told the Legislature’s Finance Committee that the surprise elimination of the Work-Related Benefit would harm working ODSP recipients.

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns on the Liberal government’s mass school closures

Today, Peter Tabuns, NDP Education Critic and MPP for Toronto-Danforth, released the following statement:

“Parents are right to be deeply concerned about this Liberal government’s heavy-handed plan to force an unprecedented wave of school closures. In Toronto alone, the number of public schools that could be targeted for closure and sell-off is truly staggering – and thousands of families are worried about what it means for their kids. It’s wrong of the Liberals to be forcing mass school closures by cutting the education budget by half-a-billion dollars and making up new rules that curtail community consultation, especially at a time when elementary enrolment is increasing. 

NDP Stands with Striking Crown Metal Packaging Workers

QUEEN'S PARK – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath issued the following statement in support of striking Crown Metal Packaging workers. 

“New Democrats stand in solidarity with the employees of Crown Metal Packaging who have been on strike for seventeen months.  Crown – a profitable American company – forced these workers on strike after demanding wage cuts as high as 42% and now says it will replace union workers even if they agree to all of Crown’s demands. This is despite the fact the workers recently won a corporate award for operating the most productive and safest Crown plant in North America.  We applaud the USW campaign that encourages Ontarians to choose ‘bottles not cans’ when making beer purchases as a way to show support for our striking brothers and sisters and Ontario’s hard working middle class.  Corporate bullying has no place at the bargaining table. These workers cannot win this fight alone and the government must take a stand and speak up for good Ontario jobs.”

Ontario New Democrats Commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Queen’s Park –  Ontario NDP Leader issued the following statement in commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“New Democrats stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We must never forget the crimes perpetrated against all victims of the Holocaust. And we must always celebrate the courage and the dignity of the survivors. Ontarians commemorate the victims and honour the survivors of the Holocaust by fighting anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination in all forms.”

NDP MPP Bisson’s statement on Wynne’s meeting with Elections Ontario

“I’m pleased that Elections Ontario will be interviewing Premier Wynne and her Deputy Chief of Staff about their role in an attempted bribery to give Mr. Andrew Olivier an appointment or job offer in exchange for not seeking the Liberal nomination in Sudbury.  Given the unprecedented nature of the Premier of Ontario being investigated as part of an alleged bribery scandal, it’s imperative that any reporting from Elections Ontario be made public. If charges are laid, an independent prosecutor, from outside Ontario, must be appointed so that the Liberals can’t interfere in the judicial process. Currently under section 4.0.2 of the Elections Act:   “The Chief Electoral Officer shall report to the Attorney General any apparent contraventions of this Act”.  There is precedence in Ontario for appointing independent prosecutors, such as in 2009 when former Attorney General Michael Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death.  It’s vital that this investigation is open, independent, and above reproach,” said NDP MPP Gilles Bisson.

Chaos grows in social assistance scandal as families face at least 10 more weeks of turmoil: Forster

WELLAND – Cindy Forster, NDP Critic for Community and Social Services, called on the Liberal government to come clean about the chaos caused by SAMS, as an internal memo predicts at least 10 more weeks of turmoil for families and caseworkers.

“The SAMS nightmare keeps getting worse for families on social assistance,” said Forster. “This Liberal government was careless to put the most vulnerable Ontarians at the mercy of unreliable software. Months later and with over $250 million dollars spent, the Liberal government still has no clue how to fix it.”

Forster said this mess has gotten worse with some clients incorrectly receiving case suspensions letters, cancelling their crucial cheques and benefits.  She also said this mess could affect recipients’ income taxes, with front-line staff reporting that the computer problems are impacting the accuracy of T5 statements. Incorrect T5 slips will jeopardize recipients’ funding for medical benefits, GST rebates and other grants and benefits.

NDP Energy critic Peter Tabuns’ statement regarding safety of smart meters

“The Liberal government has blown billions of dollars on a smart meter program that hasn’t saved consumers money, hasn’t saved energy and is now posing a public safety risk.  This is nothing short of a colossal mess.  

“Last summer, New Democrats raised this safety issue after the Saskatchewan government removed over 100,000 smart meters in homes after a series of eight unexplained fires linked with the Sensus smart meters.  In August 2014, NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky wrote to the Minister of Energy and the Electrical Safety Authority about the safety of the Sensus smart meters in Ontario homes and the response she got was everything is fine and Ontarians have nothing to worry about. 

NDP’s DiNovo demands Liberals restore the $86 million it cut from Toronto’s social housing funding

Toronto - Following the release of the City of Toronto’s draft budget, NDP GTA Issues critic Cheri DiNovo condemned the Liberals for refusing to restore the $86 million it cut unexpectedly from Toronto’s social housing funding. 

“Toronto has still not recovered from the downloading program from the late 1990s, and now the Liberals are making things worse,” said DiNovo.  “The Wynne government has downloaded 40 per cent of the province’s social housing costs onto the city with just 20 per cent of the population.  These cuts have left Toronto with a half-billion dollar funding gap over five years.”


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s statement on Lincoln Alexander Day

January 21st is Lincoln Alexander Day. On the anniversary of his birthday we all take a moment to reflect on the life and career of a great Canadian. We Hamiltonians are especially proud to call Linc one of our own.

Every year, the Lincoln M. Alexander Award for Leadership in Eliminating Racial Discrimination is presented to young people who have made a significant contribution towards eliminating racial prejudice or discrimination. Youth and education were extremely important to Linc and this award serves to continue his legacy.

Meet Suzanne Shawbonquit

Suzanne Shawbonquit