Thank You


Thank you.

Thank you to the more than 1 million Ontarians who voted for the NDP.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who knocked on doors, hammered in signs and made hundreds of phone calls.

Thank you to everyone who donated.

Thank you to the many candidates who put their name forward, in our party and in others.

Op-Ed: Horwath says Kathleen Wynne is campaigning on fear

I understand why Kathleen Wynne is campaigning on fear.

It is because courage has a way of becoming infectious, of spreading from person to person, of becoming irresistible if it is not suppressed.

I recall vividly the first time I organized a Take-Back-The-Night march in Hamilton how courage coursed through the crowd as we took strength from one another and took back the streets.

I can feel the same thing when people in Parkdale and Davenport go door-to-door organizing against Liberal plans to run up to 450 dirty diesel trains through their neighbourhoods, polluting back yards and school yards.

I feel it when people organize to take back Toronto’s waterfront and block Liberal plans to allow jet planes to land on the lakefront; mega casinos to blight the cityscape; or the Ontario Municipal Board to bulldoze communities.


TORONTO – Today, a group of progressive Toronto City Councillors joined together to endorse Toronto-area NDP candidates, saying that New Democrats can be counted on as allies in Queen’s Park on the issues that matter most to the city. 

“We need a strong team of New Democrats in Queen’s Park, a team that shares our values and is committed to social justice not just during campaigns, but when the time comes to do the hard work of achieving it,” said Councillor Janet Davis.

Councillors cited NDP MPPs’ strong record of delivering for Toronto: “When we needed to come together to fight the downtown casino, the Toronto New Democrat MPPs were our strongest allies,” said Councillor Mike Layton.

Ed Broadbent's Statement Regarding the Ontario General election

OTTAWA- Partisan debate is one thing, but by invoking my name in weekend speeches and articles to attack Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP, Kathleen Wynne has gone beyond the pale.

Let no one doubt: I fully support Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP.

Ed Broadbent
Former Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada.

Horwath welcomes Conservative voters who just can’t back Hudak’s plan

MILTON –Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Ontario New Democrats, campaigned in Milton today delivering a clear message that voters can trust New Democrats to bring change that makes sense, no matter who they supported in the last election.

“Kathleen Wynne can’t run away from the Liberal record of corruption, and that’s why she can’t stop Tim Hudak. If you used to vote Conservative, but you don’t trust Tim Hudak’s plan to throw 100,000 people out of work, you can vote New Democrat for change that makes sense,” said Horwath.  “New Democrats are committed to cleaning up Queen’s Park and investing in the fundamentals: creating jobs, making life more affordable, and improving healthcare.”

Horwath to clean up corruption and increase accountability in first 30 days

NIAGARA - Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says her first priority as Premier will be cleaning up corruption and bringing accountability to Queen’s Park with legislation that will strengthen the ban on partisan advertising and give the Ontario Ombudsman expanded oversight to protect the public interest.

“Families are struggling to make ends meet, and we should be spending money on their priorities like creating jobs, lowering hydro bills and cutting ER waits. Instead, for 10 years we’ve had a Liberal party that put themselves first while people fell behind,” said Horwath. “If we’re going to deliver for families, we have to clean up Queen’s Park.”

Horwath wins debate with a clear case for change that makes sense

TORONTO – In tonight’s leaders’ debate, New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath presented a clear choice for Ontarians tired of Liberal corruption and a plan from Tim Hudak that just doesn’t make sense. Andrea Horwath laid out her clear vision for change that makes sense by rewarding real job creators, cutting ER waits, lowering hydro and auto insurance bills, and cleaning up government so it can invest in people’s priorities.

Horwath put Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals on the defensive reminding Ontario voters of the Liberal record of scandal and corruption: “The corruption in the Liberal party runs deep. It continues to raise its head over and over,” said Horwath.

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New NDP ad highlights voters making a real choice

TORONTO—Ontario’s New Democrats released a new advertisement featuring Ontarians who are tired of Liberal corruption and want someone they can trust to clean up Queen’s Park are switching their vote to Andrea Horwath and the NDP.

“People have a choice for change that makes sense in this campaign. They don’t have to choose between Liberal corruption and Conservative plans that to throw one hundred thousand people out of work. They can vote for a Premier who will respect their priorities,” said Jagmeet Singh, NDP candidate for Bramalea-Gore-Malton.

Horwath plan gives more kids the healthy start they need

Andrea and Jonah


Horwath has plan to get Toronto moving again

TORONTO—Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says it’s time to focus on the priorities that matter to families like creating jobs and getting Toronto moving again.  The NDP Leader says change must start by cleaning up the corruption at Queens Park and put the legislature back to work for middle class families.

Fact Check: Liberals paid consultants to create fake twitter accounts

New documents show the Liberals directed high-priced consultants to create fake twitter accounts as part of an astro-turf campaign designed to suppress public criticism and manufacture the appearance of grassroots support for their plan to hit families with new tolls and fees.

“This is blatant misuse of people’s tax dollars to serve Liberal political interests. After ten years of scandal after scandal, it is time to put the Liberals in the penalty box,” said Gilles Bisson, co-chair of the New Democratic campaign.

Metrolinx, the Ontario government transit agency, is reported to have a contract with Fleishman-Hillard for $999,999 ( It appears from internal government correspondence that this contract paid for “multiple [twitter] handles and urls”.  

Horwath listens to families and has a plan to support caregivers

TORONTO — Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says it’s time to clean up corruption at Queen’s Park so government can focus on priorities for families. The NDP Leader talked about her plan to help people providing home care for a loved one by creating a caregiver tax credit that will give families some help to make life more affordable.

Horwath launches a plan that makes sense for Northerners

THUNDER BAY – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath launched her party’s platform for Northern Ontario, saying Northerner’s want a plan that speaks to their priorities and makes sense. 

 “Voters do not want to re-elect a corrupt Liberal party that wasted billions of tax dollars on scandals to fix their own political problems while Northerners are left to pay skyrocketing electricity prices,” said Horwath.

Wynne urged to reveal which cabinet ministers got free maid service

TORONTO - New Democrats today launched a website calling on Kathleen Wynne to release the names of Liberal cabinet ministers who had their homes cleaned for free and were named in Ontario Provincial Police documents as part of an investigation into an elaborate kickback scheme.

The investigation began after an audit revealed that a contract cleaner had routinely overbilled on contracts received through Liberal government ministries. The contractor billed over $2.2 million dollars for government cleaning contracts between March 2002 and August 2008. (

Horwath plan will help bring good jobs and investment to Windsor families

WINDSOR – Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, took her Plan that Makes Sense to Windsor to talk about her plan to bring more investment and good jobs to Windsor while Tim Hudak is promising to fire 100,000 people and after ten years of Liberal scandal middle class families are falling behind.

“People feel ignored by Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak’s ideas just don’t make sense. I’ve listened to Ontarians, I respect their priorities like: starting with good jobs,” said Horwath, joined by Windsor-West NDP candidate Lisa Gretzky. “Our plan will make life more affordable for families worried about the bills, reward job creators, encourage investment in manufacturing and respect the value of taxpayer’s dollars.”

Pundits Praise New Ad About Andrea Horwath And Plan That Makes Sense

Political pundits responded with praise to a new advertisement featuring Andrea Horwath and her plan for change that makes sense for Ontario. The ad highlights how Horwath’s Hamilton roots have molded her as a fighter for everyday families, and is filmed candidly at her home and in her neighborhood with unscripted moments, and a soundtrack by award-winning Hamilton band the Arkells.

“This is a good-looking ad” said Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail. Cristina Howorun from CTV praised the ad saying: “love when politicians integrate solid music into their story.” John Michael McGrath from Queen’s Park briefing said: “Points to Horwath for putting her urban politics record front and centre.” Carly Conway from CHCH TV said: “@AndreaHorwath launches new TV ad & it's suuuuper.”

The ad will run over the next few weeks and, if initial reactions are any indication, will further highlight that Andrea Horwath is the only leader fighting for everyday people with ideas that make sense.

“Andrea has a powerful story to tell,” says NDP Director of Communications Jen Hassum. “She’s warm, she’s approachable, and most importantly, people trust her.”

NDP launches new TV ad: Andrea can deliver a plan that makes sense

TORONTO – The Ontario NDP released a new advertisement featuring Andrea Horwath and her plan for change that makes sense for Ontario. Andrea is filmed candidly at her home and in her neighborhood and presents her plan, unscripted, speaking directly to voters with a soundtrack by Hamilton artists The Arkells.

“Andrea has a powerful story to tell. Voters relate to her story, her values, and her plan for change that makes sense,” says NDP Director of Communications Jen Hassum. “She’s warm, she’s approachable, and most importantly, people trust her. They know she has their best interests in mind.”