Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on the Alberta government's progress on $15 minimum wage

“I would like to applaud Premier Notley and her NDP government on today’s announcement to implement a $15 minimum wage by 2018. Here in Ontario, the Liberal government has stood by and watched as work has become more insecure and unstable—instead of stepping up and ensuring better wages and benefits for the people of this province. Ontario’s New Democrats are the first and the only political party in Ontario to support a $15 minimum wage, and if the Wynne government won’t do it, then Ontarians will have the opportunity in two short years to elect one that will. It’s time to raise the floor for every worker in this province.”

Director of Leader’s Tour and Community Engagement

Full Time - Permanent 


The Director Leader’s Tour and Community Engagement, in collaboration with the Chief of Staff, is responsible for overseeing and implementing the community engagement and communications strategy for the Leader’s Tour. The Director is also responsible for managing the Leader’s schedule and the day-to-day operations of the Leader’s office.

Statement from Ontario NDP Indigenous Affairs Critic France Gélinas (MPP Nickel Belt) regarding inquest on First Nations youth deaths

“New Democrats mourn the loss of Jethro Anderson, Curran Strang, Paul Panacheese, Robyn Harper, Reggie Bushie, Kyle Morriseau, and Jordan Wabasse,  as we reflect upon the recommendations of the coroner’s inquest into their deaths.

No family should ever have to experience the trauma of losing a loved one in such tragic circumstances. Each and every indigenous youth on all traditional territories, and in every corner of the province, has an equal right to access quality education, and a safe learning environment.


Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Autism Services Changes

“Parents and children across Ontario living with autism stood up to fight for the services they need, and today is a victory for families. Following the Liberal government’s announcement of its initial plan to cut off autism supports, I met with thousands of moms, dads and advocates from across Ontario whose lives were thrown into chaos. They knew that with the right supports, their children could live up to their full potential, and they didn’t give up hope. Today is a win for the future of all of those children. I am very proud to have supported them and raised their issues in the legislature and at protests across the province.

While this is an important win, there is more work to do so that Ontarians with autism can succeed throughout their lives. Whether it’s ensuring our schools have the right special needs supports, or that people have the help they need through adulthood, New Democrats will fight for the services that enable all Ontarians to achieve their full potential.”

Content Writer

Internal Applicants only will be considered until June 29, 2016

Full Time – Permanent                                         NDP Caucus Communications


The Content Writer, in collaboration with the Director of Communications, is responsible for producing amazing written content and crafting compelling stories as part of the Ontario NDP’s communications team program.

Media Relations Officer: Leader’s Tour

Internal Applicants only will be considered until June 29, 2016

Full Time – Permanent                                         NDP Caucus Communications


The Communications Officer – Leader’s Tour, in collaboration with the Director of Communications, is responsible for implementing a media, communications and public relations strategy for the Leader’s Tour.


Statement from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on CPP Enhancement

HAMILTON – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath issued the following statement:

“I want to congratulate the federal and 8 provincial governments for reaching an important agreement that will help improve retirement security for young Canadians.

I also want to congratulate everyone, especially labour (the CLC and Provincial Federations of Labour including the OFL), who has worked so hard to lay the groundwork for this agreement.  Ontario’s New Democrats are proud to have stood with you, including our 2010 motion calling for an enhanced CPP. 

Today is an important step towards ensuring that Ontarians can retire with dignity. However,  there is still much more to do to help lift all Ontario seniors out of poverty and to help those who are on the cusp of retirement now, but who won’t benefit from these changes to the CPP.

Together, we must also do more to  support our young people as the nature of work changes. We can build a province where people have good jobs that come with a decent paycheque, decent benefits, and a pension – a place where we can all share in our province’s enormous potential.”

Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on National Aboriginal Day

“National Aboriginal Day is an opportunity for us to honour and celebrate Ontario’s First Nation, Métis and Inuit people, their unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions to our Province. 

Last month, I was honoured to participate in the Ontario government’s apology for the historic brutalities committed for generations at residential schools.

Apologies are important, but of course, it’s not enough to apologize. We need to learn from the mistakes of history, and we need to stop repeating them. 

Recent events, including the tragic loss of young lives in Attawapiskat, should cause us to redouble our efforts to ensure that every First Nation in this province has access to safe drinking water, safe housing, and quality health care and to ensure that children and youth have access to the opportunities that they need to start their lives, and look forward to their own futures. 

But reconciliation won’t just happen. Political leaders need to have political will to make it happen.

That is our task moving forward.

As we celebrate National Aboriginal Day, I’m recommitting our caucus to doing everything we can to build a future free of racism, discrimination, inequity and injustice.”


Joint Statement on Grassy Narrows by NDP MPPs Peter Tabuns and Sarah Campbell

Joint Statement on Grassy Narrows by NDP Environment Critic Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Danforth), and Local MPP Sarah Campbell (Kenora-Rainy River)

“Today’s reports show definitively that the government was told about ongoing sources of mercury contamination of the Wabigoon River. For 50 years, people in Grassy Narrows have been getting sick and dying from mercury poisoning, but when NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asked the Premier if they knew about ongoing mercury contamination, the Premier refused to acknowledge anything.

The Premier is dodging responsibility for action, and that has to stop.

People in Grassy Narrows shouldn’t be dealing with mercury poisoning. The science is in, and we can clean up the waterway. New Democrats are calling on the Liberal government to do the right thing and start the cleanup of the Wabigoon-English River system.”


Full Time – Permanent                 Teresa Armstrong, MPP – London-Fanshawe

Objectives:  To assist the Member by completing assigned casework and outreach duties.

Responsible to Member for:

  • Preparing, gathering, maintaining and compiling research material as requested by Member to aid in communicating with constituents and organizations in the constituency.
  • Responding to requests for research or information from the MPP’s constituents.

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