NDP statement on Wynne’s Sudbury byelection trial testimony

NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson released the following statement regarding Premier Kathleen Wynne’s upcoming trial testimony, stemming from the 2015 Sudbury byelection: 

“I don’t blame Ontarians for being frustrated that the Wynne government’s time and energy is being spent defending its actions in court.

In the coming weeks, Ontarians will have to sit through the news from two trials related to how Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals do business. Wynne’s former top advisors Patricia Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed will be tried for allegedly violating the Elections Act related to bribery accusations in Glenn Thibeault’s Sudbury byelection, shortly before the Liberal government’s former chief of staff and deputy chief of staff will face a separate criminal trial for their alleged role in the $1.1-billion gas-plant scandal and its cover up. 

Meanwhile, Ontario families are at a tipping point. The cost of living is up. Wages are flat. Services we all count on, like health care, have been squeezed through round after round of cuts by Wynne’s Liberals. People need a government that’s focused on what matter to us – our hydro bills, hospitals and seniors care homes and our children’s classrooms. Instead, the Liberal government is mired in scandal and self-defense, focused on its party and its friends.

It’s unprecedented for a sitting premier to be called to testify in a trial – I can see why Ontarians feel she has betrayed their trust. 

We share Ontarians’ frustrations.”

Ontario NDP statement on First Nations youth health and safety crisis

Ontario NDP critic for Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Michael Mantha issued the following statement today following an announcement by the ministers of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Health and Long-Term Care and Children and Youth Services regarding mental health counsellors on the Pikangikum First Nation. 

“Mental health care is health care, and for too long, Indigenous communities haven’t had appropriate access to either. This week’s announcement regarding more counsellor resources for Pikangikum First Nation is welcome – we’re hopeful that individuals will finally receive the help they need, that they’ve waited too long for. However, other First Nation communities throughout Ontario are also in a state of emergency. With suicide, especially among youth, tragically all too common, Ontario needs a government that is ready to step up and ensure everyone has mental health care they can count on – before it’s too late.

Help from federal and provincial governments has been slow to arrive. Lives are at stake – that can’t continue.

Statement from Essex MPP Natyshak on Thomas Canning

Essex MPP Taras Natyshak issued the following statement regarding news that Maidstone-based Thomas Canning has entered receivership.

“First and foremost, I am concerned for the local workers, producers, and families affected by this change. Ontario’s agricultural producers and processers have been hard hit in recent years, and we need to do what we can to keep this vital part of our economy, and our community, healthy and thriving, including making sure employees and producers owed money by the current owners are paid what they’re owed.

My colleagues and I will be closely watching the situation, and working with the community however we can. We look forward to hearing more details about the possible sale of the plant to another Ontario-based processor, and we are ready to work with the community to keep this plant and these jobs here in Maidstone, where they belong.”

NDP says Wynne’s sign off on purchase of coal plants frustrating, hypocritical

With Hydro One's deal to buy and merge with American energy producer Avista, Ontario families are paying billions to once again own coal-fired power generation – an environmentally devastating business Ontarians have already paid to get out of.

“Kathleen Wynne is spending billions so that Ontario can once again own a dirty coal plant – that’s incredibly frustrating,” said Peter Tabuns, the NDP’s Energy, Environment and Climate Change critic. “By selling off Hydro One, she ensured that Ontario would lose control, and this merger shows just how little control the government has over a privatized Hydro One.

NDP will fight to improve Ontario labour laws

After two weeks of public hearings on Ontario’s new proposed labour legislation, Ontario NDP Labour critic Cindy Forster says the NDP will be tabling a package of amendments to strengthen the Wynne government’s weak labour bill – a bill Forster says misses the mark.

“We’ve spent the last two weeks hearing from workers, unions, community members and business owners on the government’s proposed legislation, and the message we’re hearing on all sides is clear: this bill has more loopholes and exemptions than actual protections,” said Forster. “It does not provide stability to the growing number of workers in unstable jobs.”

Statement from Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns

Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns issued the following statement regarding today's Fraser Institute report on Ontario's skyrocketing hydro costs:

“The report released this morning by the Fraser Institute shows that Ontario families are being gouged, paying the highest prices for hydro in the nation. 

That report underscores the need to bring hydro back into public hands so we can regain control over skyrocketing bills.

With hydro bills going up at four times the rate of inflation, still we see another 20 per cent hike to delivery rates being considered. And top of that, we learned yesterday that Hydro One will buy and merge with American utility giant Avista -- a move to create a huge multinational utility that means even less control and even more financial risk for Ontarians.

The NDP has a plan to lower hydro bills for everyone by at least 30 per cent and bring hydro back into public hands, so families can afford to keep their lights on and make dinner at dinner time once again, and hydro revenues can be invested into the services people need, from health care to transit.”

Hydro One announcement means less control, more cost for Ontarians: NDP

Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement by Hydro One to acquire and merge with American utility giant Avista should raise red flags for every Ontarian who is struggling to pay their unaffordable hydro bills. This move to create a huge multinational utility means less control over our province’s electricity system and more financial risk for Ontarians.

It also raises real concerns about job security for Ontarians. It’s clear that the new Hydro One’s first responsibility is to its international shareholders, not to the people of Ontario. By ignoring the wishes of Ontarians and selling off Hydro One, Kathleen Wynne put the interests of investors around the globe ahead of the interests of our province and all of us who live here and pay a hydro bill.”  

Wynne turns her back on Ontarians paying even more for auto insurance rates

In response to Ontario auto insurance rates rising for the second quarter in a row, Ontario NDP Transportation critic Wayne Gates issued the following statement.

“After dismissing her promise to Ontarians to reduce auto insurance rates as a ‘stretch goal,’ Premier Kathleen Wynne is now siding with insurance companies.

NDP: Sears liquidation profit should fund pensions – not executive bonuses

Sears Canada has been given the court’s approval to begin liquidation sales Friday at the 59 locations it plans to close – the proceeds of which Ontario’s NDP says should fund Sears’ employees pensions first, not executive bonuses or debts to large firms.

The Ontario NDP has demanded legal changes so that when a company is entering bankruptcy, current and former employees are the first in line to get paid the pensions they’re owed – not last. A year ago, New Democrats were successful in passing a motion at the provincial legislature on that subject, but Premier Wynne refused to act on it.

NDP calls on Wynne to play fair with OLG workers

 Ontario NDP Labour Critic and Welland MPP Cindy Forster is calling on Kathleen Wynne’s government to ensure its Crown corporation, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) end the lockout of the workers at the OLG's Woodbine Racetrack. 

“The Liberal government is out of touch with Ontario workers. Wynne doesn’t seem to understand that workers and their families are counting on these jobs. The OLG, a Crown corporation that ultimately takes its directive from the government, should be a leader when it comes to employment standards -- especially at a time when the government is hearing from the public on various labour and employment initiatives. Instead, the Liberal premier has allowed the Crown corporation to lock out over 400 workers and leave them and their families stranded,” said Forster.

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