NDP honours developmental service workers, calls for reliable funding from government

Lisa Gretzky, Ontario NDP community and social services critic, issued the following statement to mark Developmental Service Workers Day.

“New Democrats honour the dedication of developmental service workers who do such an amazing job helping Ontarians with developmental disabilities live full and productive lives in communities across our province.

Wynne delaying tenant protections, creating eviction and rent-hike rush: NDP

Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo and NDP Housing Critic Percy Hatfield demanded Wednesday that Premier Kathleen Wynne stop holding back the implementation of recently-passed tenant protections -- particularly since Wynne's move to delay changes is causing some landlords to ramp up evictions and above-guideline rent increases.

Although new laws to protect tenants were passed in May with the NDP's support, the NDP has discovered Wynne is preventing those laws from coming into force. According to an email from the Minister of Housing’s office, the Liberal government claims it needs 12 months to update the forms.

Horwath hosts Pharmacare roundtable focused on tackling barriers to HIV prevention, treatment

Today, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath hosted a roundtable discussion with people living with HIV and leaders in the fight to improve access to HIV treatment and prevention in Ontario.

A key topic during the discussion was the cost of life-saving drugs to treat and prevent HIV, and the NDP Pharmacare plan. 

“Whether it’s PrEP or HIV treatment, we believe that no one should have to empty their wallet to get the medicine they need,” said Horwath. "I'm committed to implementing Ontario's first universal Pharmacare plan when the NDP forms government in 2018 - giving prescription drug coverage to everyone, regardless of age, income or health status.”

GO electrification delay puts RER projects at risk: Statement by Cheri DiNovo, NDP Critic for Urban Transit

Cheri DiNovo, the NDP critic for Urban Transit, issued the following statement:

“Kathleen Wynne has dragged her feet and taken no action on the GO electrification file. By stalling the start of the environmental assessment until it was already a year behind schedule, Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government have once again put crucial Regional Express Rail projects at risk.

Today’s announcement shows that Liberals prefer to put their political fortunes ahead of the needs of commuters and those who live, work, and go to school near our rail corridors. People have waited too long for the clean, green electrification of our commuter rail network, but Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government prefers to stage distractions and photo-ops instead of getting the job done. 

The environmental assessment, according to the original timeline, was supposed to be completed by fall, 2016, and all those families living along the Union-Pearson Express corridor were promised electrification ‘by 2017.’ I agree with people who now say that they’ll need to elect a new government in order to finally see progress on electrified Regional Express Rail.

Of course, the Conservatives refuse state their position on electrification. After 17 years as a Conservative politician, including nine years in Harper’s government, their leader is a cut-and-privatize politician – not a believer in public services like transit.”


Wynne’s hydro hike hurts Ontarians

Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns issued the following statement.

“For months New Democrats have been calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to stop a proposed 20 per cent rate hike on hydro delivery charges. For months, the Liberals have refused to listen to the concerns of Ontarians who’ve said they can’t take another increase to their hydro bills.

Statement from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Drug Costs and the need for Universal Pharmacare

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement regarding the Canadian Medical Association Journal study, released Monday, on drug costs in Canada:

"A new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal paints a picture of a major problem -- one I'm determined to fix with our NDP Pharmacare plan. 

According to the study published in the CMAJ by leading authority Dr. Steve Morgan, Canada has the second highest drug costs for common conditions compared to other countries with universal health care. This new study shows that in order to effectively lower the cost of drugs, we need bargaining power. Only a universal plan will do that - by giving the Government of Ontario the bargaining power of 14 million people.

Dr. Morgan himself joined me in Toronto as I unveiled the details of the NDP's universal Pharmacare plan, and he has fully endorsed it as the best way forward to deliver lower costs, less stress and better health for all Ontarians. It can save millions of dollars -- and it can save lives.

No one should have to empty their wallet to get the medicine they need. I'm committed to implementing Ontario's first Universal Pharmacare plan when the NDP forms government in 2018 - giving prescription drug benefits to everyone, regardless of age, income or health status."


Sign up here to support Andrea Horwath and the NDP's plan for universal pharmacare:

Liberals committed to two-tiered, privatized healthcare: NDP

Ontario NDP Health and Long-Term Care Critic France Gélinas issued the following statement in response to a report released by the Ontario Health Coalition.

“Today’s report by the Ontario Health Coalition revealed further facts about the very troubling two-tiered direction in which Kathleen Wynne is taking Ontario health care. Wynne is building a health care model in which patients -- whether they can afford it or not -- feel pressure to pay up for basic and necessary health care, and the rest of us wait longer while resources are diverted into that private system.

London Wait times out of control following health care cuts

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, London West MPP Peggy Sattler and London-Fanshawe MPP Teresa Armstrong joined with patients and a concerned local physician Monday to shine a light on the growing wait times crisis for surgeries, tests and treatments in the London area after Premier Kathleen Wynne forced millions of dollars and hundreds of positions to be cut.

“Conservative and Wynne Liberal cuts to health care have done serious damage in this community,” said Horwath. “Patients are waiting at every stage of their care and hallway medicine has become common. Can you imagine if it was your young child, in pain and scared, sitting in an ER waiting room hour after hour because the hospital is backed up? Can you imagine how you’d feel if it were your mother, lying in her hospital gown on a gurney in a high-traffic, noisy hospital hallway for days because there’s no room for her? It’s time to start undoing the damage the Liberals have done.” 

Since Kathleen Wynne became premier and froze hospital budgets for four years, LHSC has been forced to publicly announce cuts totaling 113 million dollars and 328 full-time equivalent jobs. Today, the London Free Press reported a further funding shortfall of $28 million for this year, which will result in 160 full-time equivalent health care workers cut. It’s the fifth straight year of a funding shortfall at the hospital.

Now, according to recent news reports, London Health Sciences Centre has been at or above 100 per cent operating capacity for both its acute-care and mental-health beds in every quarter since the beginning of the 2012. Experts agree 85 per cent is the maximum safe capacity. 

For patients, wait times at LHSC are among the longest in the province. 

Horwath, Sattler and Armstrong were joined by Dr. Sharad Rai, a London family physician who is concerned about his patients being forced to wait. 

“My patients, and patients all across this community and province are being forced to wait far too long to get access to the healthcare they need,” said Rai. “It’s time to have a real conversation about how healthcare cutbacks have prolonged wait times in the London area.” 

Also in attendance at the event was Mrs. Beverley McCann, a London senior who has been waiting over 18 months for a double hip replacement.

“I used to be so active,” said Mrs. McCann. “I played golf, I played with my grandchild, but for the past year and a half all I have been able to do is wait.  I feel like my life has been stolen away from me.” 

The last Conservative government fired 6,000 nurses, closed 28 hospitals and slashed over 7,000 hospital beds. Wynne’s Liberals have done even more damage with years of frozen budgets and underfunding. Wynne is shortchanging hospitals by at least another $300 million this year.

The NDP has committed to providing strong, predictable base funding for hospitals that will keep up with inflation, population growth and the unique needs in each community. Horwath has called for a moratorium on layoffs of nurses and frontline care providers, and she introduced her party’s plan to create the first universal Pharmacare program, because no one should have to empty their wallet to get the medicine they need. Providing drug coverage for everyone – regardless of age, income or health history – can also play a role in relieving stress on hospitals.

LHSC hip replacement surgery wait:

  • Provincial target: 182 days
  • Provincial wait time: 245 days
  • LHSC wait time: 317 days 

LHSC knee replacement surgery wait:

  • Provincial target: 182 days
  • Provincial wait time: 279 days
  • LHSC wait time: 389 days  

LHSC MRI scan wait:

  • Provincial target: 28 days
  • Provincial wait time: 102 days
  • LHSC wait time: 108 days


Docs show Liberal, Conservative health care cuts hurt families in Kitchener, Waterloo

Grand River Hospital operating above safe capacity, as high as 117 per cent, for 24 months straight

Today Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Kitchener-Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife released shocking internal government statistics that show Grand River Hospital has been forced to operate multiple units well above safe capacity for 24 consecutive months.

“Years and years of Conservative and Wynne Liberal cuts to health care have done serious damage. Frontline health care staff are being asked to do more with less, and patients are paying the price with longer waits and hallway medicine,” said Horwath, who was in Kitchener with health care workers and patients on Friday.

Families have waited too long for access to autism services: NDP

Monique Taylor, NDP MPP for Hamilton Mountain, and Children and Youth Services Critic, issued the following statement regarding the announcement made by the Minister of Children and Youth Services.

“Families of children with autism in this province have had to fight Premier Wynne to get access to services for their children. New Democrats are proud to have stood with them against a Liberal government that refused to help for 14 long years.

More than once the Liberal government tried to disqualify children older than 5 from the essential services they need despite the voices of families, and evidence from experts on the proven value of early access to IBI and ABA therapies.

After being treated so unfairly for so long by the Wynne government, I don’t blame families for feeling cautious about today’s announcement. We’ll take a close look at the details. What’s certain is that families have already waited too long for access to autism services.  Children with autism shouldn’t have to wait a day longer for the treatment they deserve, let alone until the spring of 2018.”  

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