Andrea's record

  • Member of Provincial Parliament since 2004. Former City Councillor in Hamilton Ward 2
  • Worked on local revitalization projects, keeping schools open, and supporting small businesses
  • Widely recognized for being one of the provinces most effective leaders, received the EVE Award in 2012 for her public service
  • Delivered results in two Ontario budgets: 5,000 new childcare spaces, paying down the deficit quicker, pushing for a Financial Accountability Office, and 30,000 new youth jobs
  • Born and raised in Hamilton, McMaster University graduate, and proud mom to her son, Julian 





I grew up in Hamilton.

My dad was an immigrant. My mom's family lived here for generations. My whole family worked. My sister and my brothers and I all took any job we could find. Once in a while we'd pack lunch in a green cooler and head to the beach.

We were okay. My mom would stretch every dollar, count every penny.

I paid my way through university by waiting tables.

When I graduated, I wanted to give back.

I became a community organizer at Hamilton's east-end legal aid clinic.

When my city went through tough times, I did everything I could as a Councillor to fight for small businesses, to keep schools open, to revitalize the downtown, and to create jobs.

And we've made progress. For Rent signs are coming down. Mom and pop stores and young entrepreneurs are creating new jobs. And it’s working.

We can rebuild Ontario with a plan that makes sense.

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