Are Liberals suppressing hydro sell-off details to avoid hurting federal Liberals at ballot box?

Peter Tabuns, the NDP critic for Energy, the Environment and Climate Change and the MPP for Toronto-Danforth,  asked Premier Wynne if her government delayed the scheduled release of details around the Hydro One sell-off because she knows it will enrage the people of Ontario, and cost votes for federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.  In April, the government announced a privatization timetable that would have required the release of the Hydro One prospectus by September. But this document remains nowhere to be seen. This document would have revealed details about how much control the government would exercise over a privatized Hydro One, along with other crucial disclosures, including information that the government has kept secret from the Financial Accountability Officer.“The Premier promised that the government would retain ‘de facto control’ over a privatized Hydro One. Meanwhile, the Ed Clark report offers a promise to investors that the government will exercise no control over a privatized Hydro One,” said Tabuns. “The Premier can’t keep both these promises.” Tabuns said the prospectus would reveal which of these promises Premier Wynne intends to break.  Last week, an Environics poll revealed that opposition to the government’s Hydro One sell-off has grown. Eighty-three percent of Ontarians oppose the sale. Sixty-one percent say they are “strongly opposed.” According to the poll, half of Ontarians are so opposed to the Liberal Hydro One privatization scheme that they say they are less likely to vote for the federal Liberals in the upcoming election. “What is in the Hydro One prospectus that’s so bad that the government has delayed its release?” asked Tabuns.