Liberals are continuing to fail Ontario’s manufacturing sector

Taras Natyshak, NDP Economic Development Critic (MPP, Essex), responded to Statistics Canada’s Monthly Manufacturing Survey, which demonstrates a continuing downward trend in manufacturing sales under the Ontario Liberal government.

“Manufacturing built Ontario’s middle-class, but consecutive Liberal governments have sat on the sidelines while more than 330,000 manufacturing jobs have disappeared,” said Natyshak. “Today’s numbers show the problem isn’t getting any better. We believe the Premier and her Government should be playing a key role in looking forward, in creating new opportunities, and in attracting new investment. Instead, they continue to be one step behind. Ontarians deserve so much better”.

Ontario manufacturers saw a 1.1 per cent decrease in sales for in May—the fourth decline for the province in 2015. In June, Ontario had the highest number of job losses within the country’s manufacturing sector. 5,200 jobs were lost in a one-month period alone.

“Rising electricity prices are placing job creators at a severe disadvantage in this province. The Liberals’ plan to selloff Hydro One is only going to push hydro rates higher, making it harder for business to grow and create good, stable jobs – that’s just one of the reasons we’re fighting so hard against Kathleen Wynne’s short-sighted selloff.”

Last week, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released a report on the detrimental effect of rising electricity prices on the cost of doing business in Ontario. This week, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler made waves stating that high hydro rates will continue to harm the province’s competitive position in the auto industry.