AG Report confirms what people across Ontario are already feeling, Liberal government’s choices aren’t about Ontarians: Horwath

Today, Ontario’s Auditor-General released a scathing Annual Report, showing that the choices made by Premier Wynne and her Liberal government are increasingly out of touch with the priorities of Ontario families. 

“Today’s report shows that the Liberals are out of touch with what Ontarians need and are failing at the fundamentals like, caring for our most vulnerable, caring for seniors, and delivering affordable electricity” said Horwath. “Ontarians deserve a government that gets it right and works for all Ontarians.”

The Auditor’s report showed a number of key findings:

  • 80% of Economic Development money is spent on an invite-only basis, via programs with little oversight and no open application process;
  • Seniors are waiting 198 days for Personal Support Services;
  • Some Children’s Aid Societies are funding executive benefits that are “excessive and questionable” while at-risk children and youth are being placed in care with people who have not been checked against the Child Abuse Register; and
  • Problems raised by the Auditor General in 2010 in Ontairo’s Community Care Access Centres have still not been addressed. 

“This Government has made a mess of our energy system and a sell-off to the private sector will only make it worse. Their choices are putting vulnerable children in harm’s way, are hurting people who rely on social assistance, and are failing frail and elderly Ontarians” continued Horwath.  “Most of all this report confirms what Ontarians are feeling: the choices the government is making aren’t about them.”

Horwath noted that at as the Liberals sell-off Hydro One, Ontarians need transparency in their electricity system more than ever, but as a part of their sell-off of Hydro One, Premier Wynne and her government have removed independent oversight. This will be the final time that Ontario’s Auditor-General can look into Hydro One.