Andrea Horwath’s “Open Schools” plan will protect schools at the heart of communities

KINGSTON — Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats joined Mary Rita Holland, the NDP candidate for Kingston and the Islands, to talk about the NDP ‘Open Schools’ plan that will help keep local schools open and available for more community use.

“We’ve seen communities torn apart by school closures and it’s no longer working for families. Our plan will protect schools that are the heart of our communities and ensure that they can be used by students, families and community groups can provide affordable activities in the evening and weekends,” said Horwath.
An NDP government will create an ‘Open Schools’ fund that will be available to local school boards to help keep schools open, make necessary renovations, or repurpose existing space to meet the needs of the community.
“It’s time for a government that will put the priorities of Ontarians first and will work with them to deliver results—like keeping schools open and affordable for communities,” said Horwath.