Andrea Horwath standing up for Leamington

Queen’s Park – After visiting with parents and healthcare workers in Leamington last Friday, Andrea Horwath took their concerns to the Legislature, calling on the Liberals to end their cuts that threaten the closure of the Leamington District Memorial Health Obstetrics.

“Last week I visited with moms in Leamington. And the Liberals are cutting healthcare there too,” said Horwath on the floor of the Legislature, “They are firing nurses in Leamington, and Liberal cuts threaten the closure of the Leamington obstetrics unit, meaning moms will have to travel an hour or more to Windsor to have their babies. I think that Leamington parents should be able to have Leamington babies. Will the Liberals do the right thing and stop firing nurses, cutting care, and closing hospitals?”

Horwath noted that the Liberals are cutting healthcare across Ontario, while they waste billions on scandals and corruption.

“The Liberals ran on a promise not to cut healthcare. But here we are…that’s exactly what they are doing,” continued Horwath. “Can the Deputy Premier explain why every time there is a Liberal scandal that requires billions of dollars to cover-up, the Liberals can find the money, but when it comes to local healthcare and local hospitals they say the cupboard is bare?”