Statement by ONDP Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh on Hydro One

The government’s own polling data shows what New Democrats have been hearing from concerned Ontarians in town halls and community meetings across the province. An overwhelming majority of Ontarians –three quarters of all those surveyed– do not want Hydro One sold off to private interests.

Just yesterday New Democrats wrote to the Minister of Finance to ask whether Kathleen Wynne was planning to sell off more assets. Today we learned that the Liberals were also polling on whether or not to sell the LCBO and Ontario Power Generation. Kathleen Wynne needs to come clean on whether she’s planning to sell-off more public assets than just Hydro One.
Nothing about this Liberal sell-off of Hydro One is transparent or accountable. It took a freedom of information request from NDP research to get the government to cough up this damning piece of information. It’s time for Kathleen Wynne to listen to Ontarians, stop this sell-off, and keep Hydro One in public hands where it belongs.”