Government must return to the table and put an end to the chaos in our elementary schools: NDP

NDP Education critic Lisa Gretzky told the Premier and the Minister of Education the government must stop their delays and return to the negotiating table with the province’s elementary school teachers.  

“Our elementary school teachers want a settlement; students and their parents want stability,” said Gretzky, MPP for Windsor West. 'Will this government stop playing politics and direct its negotiators to get back to the table today to work out a settlement?”


Government negotiators walked away from the table with ETFO, the union representing the province’s english language elementary teachers, and haven’t been back since just before Thanksgiving.

“That’s two weeks with school under way with no movement from this government on reaching a settlement,” said Gretzky. “Either the minister knows that negotiators for the government have wilfully ignored the latest offers on the table, or the minister doesn’t know what’s going on. Either way, it’s a problem creating chaos in our schools.”