Horwath plan gives more kids the healthy start they need

Andrea and Jonah


TORONTO—Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says it’s time to put an end to Liberal corruption and mismanagement and focus on priorities that matter, like helping kids get the best start in life. 

 “Students who eat a healthy breakfast have more energy and are ready to learn.  For ten long years the Liberals wasted peoples tax dollars on CEO salaries, ORNGE scandal and gas plant corruption instead of on priorities that matter, like making sure kids who need a healthy meal get one,” said Horwath. 

“A New Democratic government will expand school nutrition programs so more kids can access healthy food and be better prepared to learn.  Vulnerable kids deserve nothing less.”

The NDP plan will put $15-million into student nutrition, giving 70,000 more kids access to healthy meals during their school day.  The expanded program will partner with local food producers and bring more hands-on learning about nutrition and food preparation into our classrooms.

 “For 10 long years the Liberals have put themselves ahead of the people they serve.  Our plan will clean up corruption, create jobs, cut ER wait times in half, take the HST off hydro, keep schools open and make sure more kids start their day with a healthy meal.  It’s a plan that makes sense.”