Horwath plan will help bring good jobs and investment to Windsor families

WINDSOR – Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, took her Plan that Makes Sense to Windsor to talk about her plan to bring more investment and good jobs to Windsor while Tim Hudak is promising to fire 100,000 people and after ten years of Liberal scandal middle class families are falling behind.

“People feel ignored by Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak’s ideas just don’t make sense. I’ve listened to Ontarians, I respect their priorities like: starting with good jobs,” said Horwath, joined by Windsor-West NDP candidate Lisa Gretzky. “Our plan will make life more affordable for families worried about the bills, reward job creators, encourage investment in manufacturing and respect the value of taxpayer’s dollars.”

New Democrats released their plan that will save more than it spends, provides a tax credit for job creation and investment in manufacturing, and supports emerging industries, which will help the auto sector grow and evolve.

After scandal after scandal the Wynne Liberals have lost the public trust and Tim Hudak’s plan to fire 100,000 people doesn’t make sense.  Ontarians are ready for a government that will listen and respect their priorities.

“The Liberals don’t deserve to be re-elected and Tim Hudak’s plan to lay off 100,000 people when so many are looking for work doesn’t make sense.  My plan is the only one that respects the priorities of middle class families and will deliver results,” said Horwath.