Horwath wins debate with a clear case for change that makes sense

TORONTO – In tonight’s leaders’ debate, New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath presented a clear choice for Ontarians tired of Liberal corruption and a plan from Tim Hudak that just doesn’t make sense. Andrea Horwath laid out her clear vision for change that makes sense by rewarding real job creators, cutting ER waits, lowering hydro and auto insurance bills, and cleaning up government so it can invest in people’s priorities.

Horwath put Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals on the defensive reminding Ontario voters of the Liberal record of scandal and corruption: “The corruption in the Liberal party runs deep. It continues to raise its head over and over,” said Horwath.

The New Democrat Leader made it clear that Tim Hudak has ruled himself out of the race with a plan that doesn’t work for families, telling the PC Leader, “Your million jobs plan contains a million math mistakes.”

She went on to quip to Hudak, “Your tough medicine is not Buckleys. It tastes awful, but it's definitely not gonna work.”

Horwath spoke directly to voters about their choices in this election, “I agree with Kathleen we do have a choice in this election, but you don’t have to choose between bad ethics and bad math.”