How many more executives hiding salaries from Sunshine List?

Today, Ontario NDP Finance critic John Vanthof called on the Wynne Liberals to reveal how many highly paid executives being paid with public dollars are hiding their salaries from disclosure on the sunshine list.

“Transparency is vital to good government.  Ontarians need to be able to trust that the sunshine list is true and comprehensive,” said Vanthof during Question Period. 

This morning, Ontarians learned that the vice-president of the Canadian Hearing Society received a massive raise that was hidden from disclosure on the sunshine list because he opted to be paid as a 'consultant.'

“Can the acting premier tell us, how many more ‘consultants’ are being paid high salaries with public money while keeping themselves off the sunshine list?” asked Vanthof.

The Ontario NDP has been critical of massive executive salaries, particularly at Hydro One -- including a $4.5 million payday for the CEO, a 500 per cent increase since Wynne started privatizing the company -- while everyday families struggle to pay their hydro bills. But Wynne has kept that salary and others off the sunshine list -- leaving Ontarians to wonder how many more million-dollar executives are taking public money without public disclosure.