Hydro One sell-off studies and submissions being kept secret: Ontario NDP

Queen’s Park – Ontarians paid over $7.5 million to consultants and a government panel has received detailed studies of the Liberal sell-off of Hydro One, but Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are keeping the results of those studies from the public. The Liberals are also keeping expert submissions made to the Clark panel from the public. Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns, MPP Toronto-Danforth, is calling for their immediate release.

Through Freedom of Information New Democrats requested the “detailed valuations and due diligence” that were completed for the Clark panel (pg. 8), as well as the submissions made to the Clark panel. Tabuns says these records could shed real light on what the sell-off will mean for Ontario families and businesses.

“Ontarians paid for due diligence on Hydro One. They deserve to see those studies; they deserve to know what this sell-off means for rates and reliability,” said Tabuns. “Experts gave their opinions to the panel. Ontarians deserve to hear that advice. For families who expected better from Kathleen Wynne, this is pretty disappointing.”

Access to the work completed on behalf of Ontarians was denied citing the fact they were part of “cabinet deliberations”, however Tabuns noted that Cabinet completed its deliberations, and their decision is now public. New Democrats also requested third-party submissions and input made to the panel. These were also denied.

“Ontarians own Hydro One. Not the Liberal Party of Ontario. There was detailed work done, paid for with public dollars. We deserve to see it,” said Tabuns. “Instead of listening to Ontarians, Kathleen Wynne is selling-off Hydro One. Kathleen Wynne promised to be open and transparent, but she’s keeping these reports secret and she’s keeping Ontarians in the dark.”