Incidents at correctional facilities pile up while Liberals cling to faith in discredited P3 model: NDP

With news of another incident at one of the province’s ‘cutting edge’ correctional facilities built with a P3 model, NDP Community Safety and Correctional Services critic Jennifer French asked the Liberal government to explain why they cling to the false hope that these public-private partnerships are a good investment for Ontario. 

“Since opening in 2014, Waypoint Mental Health Centre has experienced the same cost-overruns, crumbling infrastructure, and dangerous work environments that have plagued other P3 correctional facilities, such as the Toronto South Detention Centre,” said French, MPP for Oshawa. 

French mentioned a recent incident at the centre involving a patient brandishing a sword he crafted using materials found in his cell. The incident is just the latest in a string of workplace violence claims that have prompted the Ministry of Labour to investigate.

“We know from the Auditor General’s report last December that public-private partnerships have cost Ontarians more than $8 billion, and we are discovering new problems every day,” said French. “Will the Acting Premier please explain why this government thinks that projects that cost more, fall apart and put employees at risk are a good investment for Ontarians?”