Liberal Budget threatens 31,000 jobs in Ontario’s film and TV industry: NDP MPP Miller

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sport Paul Miller called on the Liberal government to reverse its planned cuts to the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit. The cut threatens 31,000 jobs in Ontario's film and television industry.

“What the government has done is change the game for productions already filming here now. It jeopardizes future and current production and makes us an unreliable jurisdiction,” warned Miller. “Industry and labour are united in their belief that the way this cut is being implemented will ruin the reputation of the Ontario industry, will deter future investments, and may cost thousands of jobs.”

In its 2015 budget, the Liberal government cut the tax credit with immediate effect and without consulting stakeholders in the film and television industry. The cut affects the profitability of productions currently filming in Ontario and has damaged the reputation of the province in the global entertainment industry.

“The long-term impact of these cuts could be devastating to this thriving industry,” said Miller. “When the film industry leaves they call it ‘burning a jurisdiction’. Evidence suggests it takes 10 years for a jurisdiction to bounce back.” 

In Question Period, Miller asked the government to grandfather the changes to the tax credit so that productions already here aren’t threatened. However, the government reply offered little hope they intend to listen to the industry and change their plan for the cuts.