Liberal government must act to address violence in long-term-care homes: NDP

Ontario NDP Seniors critic Teresa Armstrong called for the Liberal government to implement Ontario’s Chief Coroner’s recommendations to improve care for all long-term-care residents. 

“The Ontario Chief Coroner’s report on long-term care confirms what Ontarians have seen for years: There are simply not enough staff and not enough dedicated supports to ensure that every resident receives the care they need,” said Armstrong, MPP for London-Fanshawe.

As New Democrats revealed earlier this month, there is an urgent and pressing need to tackle violence in long-term-care homes. 


“Each and every resident of long-term care deserves to live in safety and dignity. But today, for too many seniors and vulnerable Ontarians, that is not the case,” said Armstrong. “We know that the government has failed to provide the behavioural supports that seniors with dementia need.”

Armstrong said that following incidents of abuse families are left in the dark: “like the Thompsons, like the Cuthberts and like the Karrers families.”

“Seniors, their families and front-line staff want to see action now,” said Armstrong. “Will the Liberal government commit today to tell Ontarians before the end of the year how this Liberal government will respond to each and every recommendation from the coroner’s report to improve long-term care? And if not, why not?”