Make details of Trans-Pacific Partnership public: NDP

NDP MPP for Oshawa Jennifer French called on the Acting Premier during Question Period to stand with Ontario’s auto communities, and call for the release of the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. 

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership will have a profound impact on Ontario families, businesses, and industries. Unfortunately, neither can prepare for what that impact will be because the details of the agreement are still under lock and key. The Ontario Auto Mayors Caucus, which includes Oshawa Mayor John Henry, has called for the release of the TPP in its entirety ‘to help determine the impact of the agreement.’”

“Will you stand with Ontario’s Auto Mayors and Ontario’s auto communities, and call for public disclosure of the TPP?” French asked.

The TPP is poised to have a devastating impact on the auto and manufacturing industries in Oshawa. The agreement is estimated to put 20,000 jobs in the auto-sector at risk in Ontario and 1,500 in Oshawa alone.

“During the Federal election, Justin Trudeau was offered a private briefing on the details of the TPP. Through a spokesperson, he declined this invitation, because he wanted and I quote, ‘to release the text of the agreement for Canadians to see.’ Canadians deserve to know what this secret deal will mean for them. They deserve to see the details.”

“Will the Acting Premier call on Mr. Trudeau to stand by his promise and release the text of the TPP for Canadians to see?” French asked.