NDP Deputy Leader’s motion to end “carding” passes in Legislature

Today, NDP Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh’s motion to stoparbitrary and discriminatory police street checks, or “carding”, in Ontario passed in the Legislature. 

“Arbitrary or discriminatory carding has deeply impacted communities across Ontario. Community activists and legal experts all agree that this practice must end.  However, despite community outcry the Liberal government has failed to provide leadership on this crucial issue,” said Singh. 

The motion is a call to action for the provincial government to instruct police services in Ontario to put an end to arbitrary and discriminatory street checks. The motion also acknowledges that police can continue to stop, detain, investigate and search individuals where there are reasonable grounds to do so.

“Recent examples from various municipalities and police boards where the issue of discriminatory or arbitrary street checks has not been resolved make it clear that Premier Wynne’s government must step up and provide leadership. The province needs to provide consistent, province-wide clarity so that police can do the kind of community policing and engagement that engenders all Ontarians’ confidence in our justice system,” said Singh.