NDP launches new TV ad: Andrea can deliver a plan that makes sense

TORONTO – The Ontario NDP released a new advertisement featuring Andrea Horwath and her plan for change that makes sense for Ontario. Andrea is filmed candidly at her home and in her neighborhood and presents her plan, unscripted, speaking directly to voters with a soundtrack by Hamilton artists The Arkells.

“Andrea has a powerful story to tell. Voters relate to her story, her values, and her plan for change that makes sense,” says NDP Director of Communications Jen Hassum. “She’s warm, she’s approachable, and most importantly, people trust her. They know she has their best interests in mind.”

Entitled “Andrea's Story,” the ad follows Horwath as she speaks with people in Hamilton, the place she calls home and has represented at Queen’s Park since 2004, and as a City Councilor before that. Horwath gives the broad strokes of her biography, from her father immigrating to Canada to her mother’s roots in the community. She recounts working as a waitress to pay her way through university, her time as a community organizer at a legal aid clinic, and working to create jobs and to revitalize downtown Hamilton when it fell on hard times.

“Andrea would be the kind of Premier who will work hard every day for the people who elect her, taking no one for granted. People trust her to protect their tax dollars and believe her when she talks about building a better future with her plan to create jobs, cut ER waits, and make life affordable,” said Hassum. 

The ad features the song “Come to Light” performed by Hamilton rock band The Arkells. “There couldn’t have been a more perfect soundtrack for Andrea than The Arkells. They are blue-collar storytellers who are proud of where they live. ‘Come to Light’ is a song about bringing hope back.”