NDP MPP Bisson’s statement on Wynne’s meeting with Elections Ontario

“I’m pleased that Elections Ontario will be interviewing Premier Wynne and her Deputy Chief of Staff about their role in an attempted bribery to give Mr. Andrew Olivier an appointment or job offer in exchange for not seeking the Liberal nomination in Sudbury.  Given the unprecedented nature of the Premier of Ontario being investigated as part of an alleged bribery scandal, it’s imperative that any reporting from Elections Ontario be made public. If charges are laid, an independent prosecutor, from outside Ontario, must be appointed so that the Liberals can’t interfere in the judicial process. Currently under section 4.0.2 of the Elections Act:   “The Chief Electoral Officer shall report to the Attorney General any apparent contraventions of this Act”.  There is precedence in Ontario for appointing independent prosecutors, such as in 2009 when former Attorney General Michael Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death.  It’s vital that this investigation is open, independent, and above reproach,” said NDP MPP Gilles Bisson.