NDP MPP Wayne Gates calls on Premier to finally reduce auto-insurance rates

Today, NDP MPP and Transportation Critic Wayne Gates called on the Premier to re-commit to reducing auto-insurance rates by 15 per cent. It has been over two years since the Liberal government promised to reduce auto-insurance rates and they are nowhere near that goal. 

“This Government said they would reduce auto insurance rates by fifteen per cent within two years” said Gates. “But over that same two years, Ontarians were overbilled for their auto insurance to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars.”

Currently, Ontarians pay more for their auto-insurance than anywhere else in the country. Gates says the Liberal government is prioritizing reducing costs for the insurance industry over the needs of drivers in Ontario.

“This government is placing too much emphasis on reducing costs for the insurance industry,” said Gates. He added that the “wait and see approach for Ontarians” means that many are struggling to keep their cars on the road.

“Will the Premier commit here today to reducing outrageous auto insurance rates for all Ontarians by 15 per cent immediately?” Gates asked.