NDP Statement on Government’s Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan

“New Democrats support any measures that will help change the social, political and economic structures that perpetuate sexual violence and harassment against women and children.  It’s important that people have the skills to identify and respond to sexual violence and harassment in the workplace, on campus, online and anywhere Rape Culture exists.  New Democrats will be watching closely to make sure this Action Plan comes with funding commitments, and that progress in meeting its goals is regularly assessed and reported. The government must not duplicate the shortcomings of their 2011 Sexual Violence Action Plan, which the Auditor-General criticized in her 2013 report, for not including measurable goals and timelines. We also know that organizations in the violence against women sector are concerned about the changes to violence against women funding, which has resulted in cuts to 19 Victim Crisis Assistance Services and the closure of Partner Assault Response programs in Windsor and Toronto.  While New Democrats are fully supportive of the new Action Plan, we want to see integrated solutions and real progress, not just talk,” said NDP Women’s Issues critic Peggy Sattler.