NDP to Elections Ontario: investigate Glenn Thibeault’s role in the Sudbury by-election scandal

November 2, 2016

Mr. Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer
Elections Ontario

Dear Mr. Essensa: 

I am writing to request that your Office launch an investigation into the actions of Glenn Thibeault regarding the Sudbury by-election scandal.

Yesterday, the Ontario Provincial Police charged Ms. Pat Sorbara, the Premier’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, and Mr. Gerry Lougheed, a key Liberal fundraiser and powerbroker, with alleged bribery under the Election Act.

In sworn information filed in relation to these charges, we learned of a new development in this troubling case. One of the charges against Ms. Sorbara relates, specifically, to an alleged bribe that she offered to Mr. Glenn Thibeault, who is now the MPP for Sudbury and Minister of Energy.

According to the information filed by the OPP, it is alleged that, between November 19, 2014 and February 6, 2015, Ms. Sorbara did 'directly or indirectly give, procure or promise or agree to procure an office of employment to induce a person, to wit, Glenn Thibeault, to become a candidate contrary to section 96.1(e) of the Election Act.' 

As you are aware, the Election Act not only prohibits an individual from offering an alleged bribe; it also prohibits an individual from accepting an alleged bribe.

Section 96.1(d) states that no person shall, directly or indirectly, “apply for, accept or agree to accept any valuable consideration or office or employment in connection with the exercise or non-exercise of an elector’s vote.”

In light of these new revelations concerning the offer that Ms. Sorbara allegedly made to Mr. Thibeault, I am requesting that your Office open an investigation into Mr. Thibeault’s actions. The people of Ontario need to know whether Mr. Thibeault was offered and accepted an office, employment, or any other consideration in exchange for his candidacy for the Liberal Party.





Jagmeet Singh
MPP, Bramalea-Gore-Malton
Ontario NDP Deputy Leader



Vince Hawkes, Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police
Attorney-General of Ontario, the Hon. Yasir Naqvi