New Democrats rally around call to stop Hydro One sell-off

Toronto—Ontario New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath addressed the party’s provincial council this weekend, rallying the party in its fight against the sell-off of Hydro One. Their Provincial Council unanimously endorsed a resolution that states: “the Ontario NDP strongly supports Ontario’s historic commitment to public power, will vigorously oppose the sale of Hydro One, and will seek to restore public ownership and oversight of Hydro One.” 

In her speech, Horwath thanked party activists for continuing to knock on doors, handing out leaflets and speaking up and demanding a referendum on the sale of Hydro One.

Over the last few months, Horwath and her team have been attending packed town hall meetings to listen to what Ontarians have to say. They’ve spoken to hundreds of people in small towns and in cities across Ontario. And to date the New Democrat’s campaign has sent a message from over 50,000 Ontarians all of whom have said loud and clear; the selloff of Hydro One is wrong and they don’t want to pay the price. 

“Hydro One doesn’t belong to the Liberal Party; it doesn’t belong to Kathleen Wynne. It belong to the people of Ontario, and we won’t let them forget that,” said Horwath. “Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are making decisions that put their powerful friends at the top of the list. Decisions that send the families of this province, our students and our seniors, to the back of the line. This fight isn’t over. The fight to keep Hydro One in public hands has only just begun.”