New Democrats to call for referendum to approve sale of public assets in upcoming legislative session

Toronto – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath put the Liberals on notice that any sale of OLG, LCBO, Hydro One or OPG will have to be put to a referendum. 
“Our public assets don’t belong to the Liberals, Conservatives or any political party. They belong to the people of Ontario,” said Horwath. “If Kathleen Wynne is planning to sell-off any of these four important public assets, then Ontarians deserve to have their say. If the Premier wants to go down the privatization road then she must put it to a vote.”

Horwath said that New Democrats will introduce a motion in the upcoming legislative session calling for a referendum to approve any sale of OLG, LCBO, Hydro One or OPG.

She also said New Democrats are the only real opposition at Queen's Park. She vowed to stand up for improved public services such as healthcare and to protect public assets from the threat of sell-offs promised in the Liberal budget.   Horwath said that in the wake of the mess at MaRs, New Democrats will demand more accountability from a scandal-plagued Liberal government that has shown little regard for public dollars.  
“New Democrats are focused and ready to fight for Ontarians in this upcoming session,” said Horwath.  “It's time to make Ontario a fairer and more equitable place for our children, our seniors, for First Nations, and the thousands of women and men who get up every morning and keep our province moving.”
Horwath said New Democrats will work hard to make a real difference in people’s lives. 
“We’re focused, ready, and determined to put the needs of Ontarians first.”