New NDP critic portfolios offer leadership Ontarians need

As planning begins for the 2017 legislative session, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has announced new critic portfolios for the NDP caucus at Queen’s Park.

“Our caucus has some of the strongest voices at Queen’s Park,” said Horwath. “Our team is very diverse, and brings a lot of different expertise from across the province to the table. We are aligning our critic portfolios to best make use of that expertise, and offer the kind of leadership Ontarians need in the new year.”

Instead of listening to public concerns about the cost of living, and the quality of education, and health care, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government has continued to cut funding to social programs, while privatizing key public assets like Hydro One.

“Ontarians are struggling. Everything keeps getting more expensive – electricity, gas, education, housing – and this government is doing nothing to help the average, hard-working family. And Patrick Brown would only take us further down this road,” said Horwath, MPP for Hamilton Centre. “Ontarians deserve leadership that cares about the things they care about. They deserve a government that will lower costs, make life easier and improve services like health and education.”

New Democratic critics and caucus members have successfully pushed the government to act on a number of issues important to Ontario families.

“New Democrats have shown the kind of leadership and caring that this province needs, on the issues that matter, like lowering Hydro bills, properly funding hospitals, and fighting to keep neighbourhood schools open,” said Horwath. “I know that in 2017, our critics will continue to show real passion and commitment to building a more fair, more inclusive Ontario. New Democrats will continue to offer real leadership and a real alternative for Ontarians.”



Download a hardcopy of the Critic Portfolios [PDF]