Ontario NDP: Federal budget an opportunity to make up for shortfalls and cuts in Ontario budget

Ontario NDP Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh, MPP Bramalea-Gore-Malton, says people in Ontario have seen life get more expensive, while services like healthcare and education have faced deep cuts. Singh said he is hopeful that the federal budget will ease the shortfalls and cuts in Ontario’s budget. 

“For years the Ontario Liberal government has blamed all its problems on Ottawa. Now they talk about the strength of their partnership with Ottawa. Surely that means they can stop closing schools for our highest-needs students, stop closing hospital beds, stop firing nurses and stop the sell-off of Hydro One,” said Singh. “People have been feeling the effects of cuts to healthcare and education. I hope that the Premier has received assurances that the federal budget will pick up where her budget fell short, and stop cutting health and education.”

Singh noted that Ontarians had good reason to feel cynical after it was revealed that Ontario’s Liberal government had finalized its budget before healthcare, agriculture, labour, education or First Nations groups had participated in the pre-budget consultations. 

“On one hand the Premier says Ontario will get more for infrastructure help from Ottawa, on the other hand she insists the only way to pay for infrastructure is to sell-off Hydro One. If the federal budget comes through like the Premier has suggested it will, even Ontario Liberals should realize that selling Hydro One is the wrong decision,” continued Singh. “Whether it’s hydro bills that are going up, auto insurance that isn’t coming down, or seniors worried that the Premier is about to nearly double the cost of prescription medication, people feel like life isn’t getting easier in Ontario. People deserve better.”

Singh said that the Ontario budget was a missed opportunity, and New Democrats are calling for the federal budget to make a real commitment to taking on inequality and providing real opportunity for all Ontarians.