Ontario New Democrats Gearing Up to Fight Liberal Austerity Budget

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath laid out her priorities for when the Legislature returns on Monday. She said that New Democrats will fight to create and protect good jobs in Ontario. She pledged to hold the Liberals to account for their lack of integrity, for their scheme to hold a fire sale of public assets like Hydro One, and for their plan to cut vital public services like healthcare and education in the upcoming budget.

“Kathleen Wynne may think she’s above the law. She may think that she can trade away Ontario’s shared public assets to pay for Liberal scandals and mismanagement. She may think that she can get away with a budget that slashes frontline care and education and the social services that Ontarians rely on, but she’s in for a reality check,” said Horwath. “These are not the things Ontarians voted for and they won’t stand for it. We will fight to protect good-paying jobs, and we’ll defend the public services and public assets that generations of Ontarians worked so hard to build.”

Horwath said that too many Ontarians are already facing uncertain job prospects, and too many families are struggling to pay their bills. A Liberal budget that promises more austerity, more  privatization, and more cuts will only make matters worse for middle class Ontarians.

“Kathleen Wynne likes to call herself progressive, but there’s nothing progressive about deep, painful cuts to public services, which will have the greatest impact on the most vulnerable Ontarians,” said Horwath. “The revenue generated by our shared public assets helps to pay for our schools, and hospitals. Closing schools and daycares, laying off nurses, selling off our electricity system to the highest bidder, does nothing to help middle class and struggling Ontarians.”    

Horwath also announced a series of changes to NDP critic responsibilities for the return of the Legislature. “We have an outstanding team of dedicated MPPs ready to fight for Ontarians and to hold the government accountable,” said Horwath.