Open Letter from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on campaign finance reform

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath sent the following open letter to Premier Wynne on election campaign financing reform.

Dear Premier Wynne:

Ontarians need to know that politics in our province isn’t under the influence of big money.

Recently, you have talked publicly about making changes to the rules which govern how political parties in Ontario raise money. Ontario’s New Democrats, and I as Leader, welcome changes that will limit the influence that big money has on politics in Ontario, but we believe that any changes should be made in a way that is open, transparent and has the support of Ontarians.

Ontarians should feel confident that any reforms reflect the principle of democratic equality, are clear and fair, and are responsive to what Ontarians want to see and what works across Canada and around the globe.

As someone who believes deeply in the democratic process, I believe that decisions fundamental to how we elect governments and finance our democratic process must seek and obtain widespread consensus beyond the governing party and indeed beyond the parties themselves.  I am committed to supporting such a process.

The first step should be a meeting of the leaders of the three political parties currently represented at Queen’s Park, together with Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer so we can discuss the practical steps needed to move ahead. I hope that, together, we can discuss setting in motion a fair and transparent process as well as practical and realistic timelines.

I look forward to your response. 


Andrea Horwath, Leader, Ontario’s New Democrats


Cc: Patrick Brown, Leader of the Ontario PC PartyGreg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Ontario