Statement by NDP Health and Long-Term Care Critic France Gelinas (MPP, Nickel Belt) regarding cuts to medical residency places

“Kathleen Wynne promised that ‘every Ontarian [would have] access to a primary care provider,’ however, nearly a million Ontario families still don’t have a family physician. The Liberals are now making the problem worse by reducing the number of new doctors available to treat our loved ones, and they’re doing it without consulting a single patient or physician.

Kathleen Wynne told Ontarians they could expect more from her, but she hasn’t lived up to that promise. Health and long-term care is a top concern for families across this province and by cutting the number of available physicians Kathleen Wynne is once again proving that she doesn’t understand the realities that Ontario families face.

New Democrats know that for all of us to stay healthy, families should be able to see to primary care providers, meaning physicians, when and where they need it. That means ensuring Ontarians can get care whether it’s in our big cities, or our smaller, rural communities. Northern and Rural communities have been especially hard-hit by doctor shortages, and Northern and Rural residencies are an important way of getting physicians to these communities. When the Liberals are cutting back residency spaces, I worry that Northern and Rural resident placements will get hit first.”