Statement by NDP Pensions Critic Jennifer French (MPP, Oshawa) regarding ORPP announcement

“Ontarians work hard every day, and New Democrats believe they deserve to have retirement security.

Unfortunately today, while attempting to “clarify” the details of the ORPP, Kathleen Wynne focused on telling Ontarians who will be left out of their plan. She didn’t have any answers for families and workers who want to know what this plan will mean for them.

Today’s announcement was a win for Bay Street. Last year, the Premier rammed through Harper-style private pensions. And now, people in these high-cost plans could be left out of a lower-cost public pension.  This is yet another example of a short-sighted move from the Liberals.

In order for Ontarians to benefit from any pension plan, they need good, stable jobs to retire from in the first place -- something that the Liberal government seems to have lost sight of as thousands of jobs have left our province under Kathleen Wynne’s watch. 

We need long term thinking. The Liberals’ reckless, short-sighted selloff of Hydro One will make it harder for businesses to grow and create jobs and will make it harder for families to pay the bills.

New Democrats believe all Ontarians deserve stability both before and after retirement, and this should be the Liberal government’s focus.”