Statement by Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath on start of housing program for LGBTQ2S youth in Toronto

On behalf of Ontario’s NDP it gives me great pleasure to welcome the start of shelter support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited (LGBTQ2S) homeless youth at Toronto's YMCA Sprott House. 

Following community input and research that showed LGBTQ2S youth were underserved by the existing shelter system, this new program will provide access to crucial services in a safe environment. 

New Democrats understand and value the importance of providing homeless LGBTQ2S youth a safe and welcoming environment like YMCA Sprott House. 

Congratulations to all the grassroots activists who have worked so long to establish this program.

Programs such as Toronto's YMCA Sprott House highlight the importance of funding for Toronto’s housing and homelessness programs. We simply must do more to build a province where no-one is excluded, and all young people have the opportunity to succeed.