Statement from NDP Community and Social Services critic on the continuing SAMS debacle

Monique Taylor, NDP Community and Social Services critic and MPP for Hamilton Mountain, issued the following statement today:  

“The SAMs debacle is simply another example of Liberal mismanagement where Ontarians--particularly those who are the most marginalized and vulnerable--have been forced to pay the price.  

The flagrant disregard for the seriousness of the situation shown by the premier, who referred to the situation as a ‘glitch', and the minister who compared people not receiving payments to the ‘inconvenience' of a blackberry update, is reprehensible. This report also confirms that the ministry was, or at least should have been, aware of problems with this software in other jurisdictions but rushed the implementation anyway. The impacts of this failed transition continue to be felt not only by our most vulnerable, but also by front-line workers who have been forced to shoulder the brunt of the technical problems.“