Statement from NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky on more delays for community hubs as Liberals force school closures

Ontario NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky released the following statement on the latest Liberal panel appointment.

“Today’s announcement won’t distract from the Liberals’ sorry record of failing to support community hubs – and won’t stop half-a-billion dollars in planned cuts to classrooms. As usual, the Liberals are saying one thing but doing the exact opposite. That’s why the new special advisor needs to speak out publicly against the Liberals’ plans for school closures in Toronto and oppose new accommodation review guidelines that restrict public input.

“Here’s some advice for the Premier: Stop dragging your feet on community hubs, stop forcing school closures across the province, and start providing meaningful support to keep schools open as community hubs. If the Liberals are actually serious about supporting community hubs, they should follow the NDP’s Open Schools plan and provide dedicated funding for school hubs.”