Statement from NDP LGBTQ critic on BC Liberals' opposition to trans rights protections

TORONTO— NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo released the following statement on trans rights protections in British Columbia: 

'B.C. trans people deserve the same explicit protections as Ontario trans people. The B.C. NDP bill to add 'gender identity and expression' to the B.C. Human Rights Code deserves the support of the B.C. Liberal government. 

It’s appalling that the B.C. Liberals have three times opposed rights protections already extended to trans people in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, NWT, Manitoba, PEI, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Equally appalling is the B.C. Liberals’ refusal to sign a pledge for transgender equality to participate in Vancouver Pride. 

Toby’s Act, the Ontario New Democrats' bill to amend the Ontario Human Rights code to include gender identity and expression, faced opposition from Ontario Liberals over a span of six years before my introduction of the bill for a fifth time finally received all-party support. 

Liberals in our province should encourage their fellow Liberals in B.C. to learn from their own mistakes here in Ontario and urge them to support this important legislation without delay.'