Time for action on housing: NDP

 It’s time for Ontario to move forward on inclusionary zoning, say Ontario’s New Democrats. Today, the government announced another consultation on homelessness and inclusionary zoning, but did not commit to any timelines or details, or to reverse any existing cuts to homelessness or affordable housing programs.  “For 8 years, the NDP has tried to pass inclusive zoning legislation in Ontario, but the Liberals have not allowed it to pass.  I’m glad that the government has finally recognized the need for inclusionary zoning. But talk is easy. Let’s see action. Let’s see legislation, let’s get it to committee, and make sure it's good enough to actually help families. I’m calling on the Minister to pass legislation this spring before the legislature breaks,” said Cheri DiNovo (MPP, Parkdale-High Park). “Toronto alone has already missed out on 12,000 new affordable homes. Let’s make sure people aren’t missing out on even more.”Cheri DiNovo has introduced 5 bills over 8 years to allow for inclusionary zoning, including a current bill that has already been tabled at Queen’s Park. A provincial inclusionary zoning law would allow municipalities to require the construction of a certain percentage of affordable housing units to go along with new developments. Introduced in the United States in the 1970s, this type of legislation has led to the construction of hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units. Today's announcement committed to the creation of several 'frameworks' but did not commit to any concrete targets, timelines or funding. Municipal leaders are already saying another delay could have significant impacts, and they are calling for the government to move forward with inclusionary zoning legislation. “We’re hearing a lot about ‘developing strategies’ and ‘consultations.’ What people want to know is when there will be action to alleviate poverty and homelessness. People deserve to see targets and timelines,” continued DiNovo. “Ontarians have waited long enough. Every month the government waits, is another month of missed opportunities for new affordable housing.”