TPP will cause huge job losses in Windsor: NDP

NDP MPP for Essex and Economic Development and Employment Critic Taras Natyshak called on the Premier to account for the job losses anticipated in Windsor by the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. 

“Speaker, my question is for the Premier. Twenty thousand good paying middle class jobs in the auto sector are estimated at risk from the secretive TPP trade deal the Leader of your federal party plans to ‘wait and see’ about. But let me localize it for you, that’s as many as three thousand jobs in Windsor.”

“Speaker, is the Premier prepared to tell the people of Windsor to ‘wait and see’ what happens with the TPP?” asked Natyshak. 

The TPP trade agreement that was privately inked by Harper’s Conservatives is estimated to cause 20,000 in job losses in the auto sector across Ontario and approximately 3,000 in Windsor alone. 

Natyshak says the government needs to be accountable for potential job losses in Windsor given its staggering 9.6% unemployment rate.

“Prime Minister Harper in September said the auto industry wouldn’t like what was in the TPP trade agreement. That’s why he’s bracing for impact with his money announcement. Speaker, at what point will the Premier admit she’s got no idea how to help the people of Windsor withstand another hit expected from the TPP?” asked Natyshak.