While Libs focus on misleading partisan advertising, people in Ontario suffer

Today during question period Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called out the Liberal government for its shockingly poor handling of numerous major government programs, illustrated in this year’s Auditor General report.

“People want to believe in the future of Ontario, but yesterday’s Auditor General’s report shows that the government is making decisions that aren’t about people,” said Horwath.  “People are waiting nearly 40 hours for acute care, they’re waiting longer to see a family doctor and information about wait times for surgery is misleading.”

In addition to the mess that this Liberal government has made of Ontario’s healthcare system, the Auditor took them task for the improper administration of many jobs programs in the Province.

“Half of the people who enter an apprenticeship aren’t finishing and the second career and employment services programs are helping less than 40% of the people who are trying to build a better life with a better job,” noted Horwath.

This government is letting people down. While underfunding by the government means that people are finding it harder to get a job, and waiting longer for healthcare, the government was able to find $20 million for advertising that the AG called “misleading”.

“Can the Acting Premier explain to a person who has spent hours in an emergency ward waiting for a bed, or trying hard to find a new job, why the government is more interested in spending taxpayer dollars on the Liberal reelection campaign, than they are in helping the people of Ontario?” Horwath finished.