Wynne’s cuts puts 67,000 students out of class: NDP MPP

QUEEN’S PARK - NDP MPP France Gélinas asked the Premier when she will accept responsibility for throwing Ontario’s schools into a “Mike Harris 2.0” labour crisis, forcing students and families to pay the price.

“Speaker, 42,000 students are now unable to attend class in Peel,” said Gélinas. “A total of 67,000 students are out across the province.”

Schools continued to reel under the impact of Wynne’s cuts as secondary teachers in Peel took to the picket lines, joining their colleagues at the Rainbow and Durham school boards.

On May 10, Ontario’s 76,000 public elementary teachers will be in a legal strike position. While English Catholic teachers recently voted 94.2 per cent in favour of a strike.

“The Premier claims to have 'cut her teeth' in education, however, she is refusing to take responsibility for the fact that secondary students could soon lose their school year,” said Gélinas.