Wynne turns her back on Ontarians paying even more for auto insurance rates

In response to Ontario auto insurance rates rising for the second quarter in a row, Ontario NDP Transportation critic Wayne Gates issued the following statement.

“After dismissing her promise to Ontarians to reduce auto insurance rates as a ‘stretch goal,’ Premier Kathleen Wynne is now siding with insurance companies.

Instead of helping Ontario drivers and their families who are already paying the highest auto insurance bills in the country, Wynne is allowing insurance companies to continue raising the rates.

Under Premier Wynne, Ontarians pay more than 55 per cent more than anyone else in the country, while being among the safest drivers in Canada.

Ontario families that are already buckling under skyrocketing hydro bills can’t afford to keep taking more and more out of the family budget to pay unfair costs as a result of Wynne’s broken promises.”