People need action now to improve social housing in Toronto: NDP

During Question Period today, Ontario New Democrats called for immediate action from the provincial government to build and repair social housing in Toronto, as families face a growing crisis of affordable housing in our province’s largest city. NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo (Parkdale—High Park) says the province is at a tipping point, and without action, life will only get harder for future generations.

“We are at a critical moment for housing in Toronto, but this Liberal government refuses to help,” DiNovo said during Question Period. “People live with the impact of the Liberals’ inaction each and every day. Apartments are crumbling and the wait list for affordable housing has 170,000 people waiting in line. When will this Premier step up and make a substantial new investment in social housing, for the benefit of families today and for the next generation?”

The record of the Wynne government is facing renewed scrutiny, with Mayor John Tory calling the province’s commitment “miniscule compared to what needs to happen.” Under Premier Wynne, annual provincial support for social housing in Toronto has been cut by $129 million per year. The Liberals also refuse to commit to fund the province’s share of repairs to social housing, leading to the closure of units and making the housing crunch even worse for working families. 

“Social housing in Toronto urgently needs $2.6 billion in repairs. But this Liberal government is failing to step up and fund the province’s share,” says DiNovo. “Without immediate action, hundreds of units will close. The wait list will keep growing. And more and more people in this city will not be able to afford a roof over their heads. That’s no way to build a better future for families in Toronto. When will this Premier take real action to help people in this city and fully fund the province’s share of repairs to social housing?”