Save Our Schools

Save Our Schools

The Wynne Liberals are applying enormous pressure to close and sell-off schools in communities across Ontario, while cutting provincial education funding by up to $500 million.

We all know schools provide tremendous public value as community hubs, beyond the traditional use of classrooms. But this provincial government’s calculation of school usage is flawed and inaccurate because it ignores the use of schools for child care and adult education.

The Wynne Liberals are forcing school closures which will make life more difficult for families in Toronto and communities across Ontario. It will reduce access to child care programs and eliminate public green space.

Therefore, we the call on the Wynne Liberals to:

Immediately recognize that schools are important community hubs, amend the utilization formula to include the full community use of schools, and make all reasonable efforts to support and expand the use of schools as community hubs before they are closed and sold.

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