Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on World Day for Decent Work

On behalf of Ontario’s New Democrats, I’d like to wish all Ontarians a happy World Day for Decent Work.

As New Democrats, we believe in the principle that anyone who works full time should never live in poverty. Our ideas about decent work flow from that basic belief. 

We want to raise the minimum wage in Ontario to $15/hour.  We think that people who work for temp agencies should be paid the same and get the same benefits as the person sitting beside them. We believe that internships should be paid so that no one is excluded from getting work experience because they can’t afford it. We believe in unions. 

If we form government in 2018, New Democrats have committed ourselves to taking on the unstable and unfair nature of the work that too many people in this province are forced into. Everyone in Ontario knows what a great place it can be to live and raise a family. New Democrats want to make sure that the opportunities that existed for the last generation, exist for the next one too.