Toronto city report reveals Liberal school closure plan puts over 2,000 child care spaces at risk

A report to Toronto City Council by city staff reveals that the Liberal plan for school closures is putting more than 2,000 child care spaces at risk, said Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. 

“It’s hard enough for families in Toronto to find the child care they need. But the Liberals are making the problem even worse by forcing school closures that will also shut down dozens of child care centres,” said Horwath. 

The report identifies 2,169 total child care spaces at risk in nearly three dozen school-based child care centres across the city. “This puts some child care service in jeopardy as school closures are being considered,” according to the report, which notes that the “loss of spaces in schools will further erode child care capacity, putting families and children at risk.”
The Premier refused to answer Horwath’s questions, while the Education Minister admitted she had not read the report. The Minister went on to dismiss families’ concerns, saying “it really has nothing to do with whether this school or that school is open.”
“It’s shocking that the Minister of Education responsible for child care doesn’t know about this extremely important report,” responded Horwath. 
Referring to children at the West End Parents Day Care in Old Orchard School, one of the schools that could be sold off as part of the Liberals’ school closure plans, Horwath said it’s young families in Toronto who stand to pay the highest price under the Liberal plan for school closures.
“So why is the Premier creating chaos for thousands of families whose beloved child care centres are at risk under this Liberal government?” asked Horwath.