May 12th, 2014

A challenge to the other leaders for five debates

Dear Ms. Wynne and Mr. Hudak,

As Ontario moves towards election day on June 12, 2014, Ontario families want to know what this election means for them. They will be watching the news, reading the paper, hearing and seeing ads, and talking to volunteers on their doorsteps, but I think it’s essential that they hear from leaders of the province’s leading political parties about the issues that matter in the real world.


Families in Ontario are tired of waste and scandal. They’re ready for a government that makes sense. They want to see the differing visions that political parties put forward for Ontario. They want to know who they can trust to deliver results for them and make their lives better, not who will make the most noise from the sidelines.


I am asking you to join me in a series of debates focused on the issues that are facing real families.


Here in the real world, people are worried about their jobs and whether there will be jobs for their kids. People are adding up every bill to see if they can find savings, because the bills keep going up but their paycheque doesn’t. And people know that aspirations won’t ensure that there is healthcare when they need it; they need results.


I am calling on you to join me for Leaders' debates on real issues facing families. I’m proposing a total of five debates with at least one focused exclusively on jobs and the economy.


Representatives from my party are ready to meet at any time to discuss how we can make this a reality.


I look forward to your responses, because Ontarians want to hear a plan that makes sense.




Andrea Horwath
Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats