April 13th, 2015

Andrea Horwath standing up for Niagara

Queen’s Park – After visiting Welland to meet with families and frontline care workers on Thursday, Andrea Horwath took their concerns to Queen’s Park  demanding answers from the Liberal government about their plan to close the Welland Hospital.

“Last week I visited with families, nurses, doctors and frontline workers in Niagara,” said Horwath on the floor of the Legislature. “ They are worried that the Liberal plan to close hospitals is going to put the health of themselves and their loved ones at real risk.  There are reports by international experts showing that the Liberal plan ‘lacks any rational justification.’ Local Ontario Nurses Association president Loretta Tirabassi-Olinski told me she felt betrayed by the liberals, saying ‘[They] lied to us.  [They] told us [they] were going to give us some home care and give us some relief.’ When will the Liberals keep their promises and stop cutting healthcare?”

Horwath noted that the Liberals are cutting healthcare across Ontario, while they waste billions on scandals and corruption. The Liberals are in the process of closing 5 Niagara Health System hospitals.

“The Liberals ran on a promise not to cut healthcare. But here we are…that’s exactly what they are doing,” continued Horwath. “Can the Deputy Premier explain why every time there is a Liberal scandal that requires billions of dollars to cover-up, the Liberals can find the money, but when it comes to local healthcare and local hospitals they say the cupboard is bare?”